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Walmart Audited tablecloth supplier

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Disney audited rainwear manufacturer
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Promotional Products

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Rainwear Production Shop

Plastic rainwear welding machine

Taping machine tape machine for polyester rainwear nylon raincoats

EVA rainwear  workshop

EVA shower curtain workshop

EVA table cloth workshop

EVA table cloth in roll in workshop

Rainwear Stockroom table cloth stockroom shower curtain stockroom

Rainwear Brand

EVA rain ponchos with NFL logo steelers

NFL EVA raincape with Mens 49er logo

NFL rain ponchos logo Mens Packers

Sony Ericsson logo for Promotional rainwears

Promotional rain ponchos with logo Real Radio

Cheap rain ponchos with logo of ConocoPhilips

PE disposable raincoat with logo of BNL

Outdoor rainwears for Cambridge university logo

Disney mini mouse on PVC raincoats for kids

Red PVC girls raincoats front logo

Test & Audited Certification

rainwear CTL test

Walmart Audited Rainwear Manufacturer

BV audited rainwear supplier

SGS test raincoat supplier

MTS test PVC raincoat factory

TUV test Plastic rainwear supplier

NFL audit PEVA Plastic rain poncho manufacturer

Passed Test Standard :

16 CFR 1611 | 16 CFR 1303

CA Prop 65 | Phthalates Free

Heavy Metals Free | EN 71-3

Pls show us your special requiement of the test standard during your inquiry.

20 years Rainwear Manufacturer | 800+workers | ISO9001, SO14001 | 35000 M2 production workshop

Sewing workshop & Tapeing workshop can made Nylon rainwears, polyester rainwears, PVC rainwears, PU rainwears, nylon aprons and other waterproof garments.

Welding workshop can produce PVC rainwears, PE rainwears, EVA rainwears, PU rainwears, PEVA raincoats as well as shower curtains, table covers, shoes cover as well as other plastic products

rain words

Our Rainwears should be manufactured to the highest standards complying with American & EU regulations, such as theEN 71, ISO 105/E04, 16 CFR PART 1611, 16 CFR 1303 / CPSIA, ROHS, 16 CFR 1500.44, they should be Phthalate free, AZO free, lower Cadimium, Lower lead, and lower 8 heavy metails, as well as the flammability. Pls show us your above special requirement while order and inquiry.

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Our Rainwear Manufacturer Audited:

BSCI audited raincoat factory Disney audited rainwear manufacturer Disney parks logo for kids rain poncho NFL audited logo for sports rain poncho Walmart Audited tablecloth supplier

Nylon Rainwears, Click here for more styles...

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Including Nylon rainwear, motorcycle raincoats, rain jacket, nylon aprons for kids, nylon rain ponchos for army, rip-stop nylon fabrics for good quality rain jackets, 190T or 210T with back PVC coating or PU coating, or other fabrics should be upon buyers requirement.

Nylon motorbike Rainwears

Motorcycle Rain Jacket

Motorcycle Rain Jacket, Nylon fabric with PU coating, motorcycle rain gear, motorbike rainwear, motorcycle rain gear,waterproof motorcycle jacket, motorcycle rain suit, More waterproof outerwear, click here...

Nylon printing rain ponchos for women

Nylon Rain Cape/Nylon rain poncho

womens waterproof poncho rainwear, with camouflage printing, Bulk rain ponchos for wholesale, Womens rain cloak, More waterproof rainwear, rain ponchos, click here...

Nylon rain Cape/rain ponchos, waterproof poncho rainwear, bulke rain ponchos


Polyester Rain Wears, Click here for more styles...

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Polyester rainwears and rain ponchos for adult use and children use, Long polyester rain suit with dis-attached yellow color pocket, motorbike rain wear, motorcycle rain gear, 190T or 210T Polyester fabric with back PU coating or PVC coating, other fabrics upon buyer's sample or request available.

China Polyester rainwears polyester rainsuit

China Polyester rainwears polyester rainsuit

Supply many styles of Polyester rainwears, incliuding polyester rainsuit, polyester rain jackets, waterproof garments, Long rainsuit under knee, polyester rain wear with back PU coating. Polyester Overall, rain suit for motorcycle drivers, Click here for more...

polyester rain poncho polyester rainwear

Polyester rain poncho polyester rainwear

Manufacturer of Polyester Rain Ponchos, camouflage Polyester rainwears, Olive Green color raincapes for American market and European market, Polyester fabric with back PVC coating or PU coating, Army rain ponchos with good quality for African market, More details, click here...


China PVC Rainwears, Click here for more styles...

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PVC Vinyl rainwears, including long rain suit under knee, short PVC rain jacket for kids, PVC aprons for child, PVC bib for baby, rain ponchos with printing logo, vinyl rain wear for motorcyle drivers. double layers PVC rain jacket, transparent PVC motorcyle rainwears/rain gear, PVC/polyester rainsuit for workers, PVC/Poly/PVC rain coat + rain pant for workers, Kids shiny PVC rain jacket for quality brands saled in shop.

China PVC rainwears double layers PVC rain jacket

Blue PVC Rain Jackets/PVC Rainwear

Strong PVC films: 0.18mm , Blue color, with dis-attached hood PVC raincoat, double pockets with corduroy pocket covers and corduroy neck collar, Including PVC ainwear and PVC rain pant.

China PVC rain ponchos wholesale vinyl rain capes supplier

Clear Children PVC Rain Ponchos/Raincape

Transparent clear PVC rain ponchos for kids, Soft PVC raincape, FAMAl Audit rain ponchos manufacturer, Including Children rain poncho and adult rain cape


PVC Table Cloth, PVC Table cover, PVC shower curtain, PVC table mats

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In Hebei Province, there have many PVC films factories, they can produce different colors, different thickness, different handfeel, different softness PVC fabrics, that help us can supply many different products from PVC films, such as PVC shower curtains, PVC shower liner, PVC table covers, PVC table cloths, PVC table mats, the shower curtain and table cloths can supply by roll, sell by meters. Different printing style, different size can made by buyer's design.

Transparent printing PVC table cloth PVC table protectorclear PVC table cover PVC table protector clear PVC tablecloth PVC table mats PVC table coverclear PVC table mats transparent PVC table protectorround pvc tablecloth plastic round dining table covers round wipe clean tablecloth plastic tablecloths round vinyl table covers round wipeable tablecloth round vinyl placematslarge pvc tablecloth plastic dining table cover plastic tablecloths  vinyl table covers wipeable tablecloth fabric vinyl placemats for christmas cheap PVC tableclothChina printing PVC table cloth in roll PVC table cover
PVC shower curtain pvc shower liner


EVA Rainwears, Click here for more details...

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Good qulity EVA raincoats, or PEVA rainwears, including EVA raincape, EVA aprons for kids, long EVA rainsuit, womens EVA raincoat under knee, all over printing EVA raincoat, PEVA cheap rain ponchos. We can produce EVA films ourselves, All over printing on EVA or PEVA materials by oursleves, Eco-friendly PEVA or EVA materials can past all test of European market and American market. Satisfied of Test: Prop 65, 16 CFR 1611, 16CFR 1303, EN71, Phthalate fee, AZO free, Cadiumium free, heavy metal free.

China EVA raincoat EVA rain wear womens EVA raincoat rain suit

Women EVA Raincoat

Long Women EVA raicoat under knee, All over Printing EVA rain jacket, soft EVA films, Transparent clear EVA rain coat, cheap PEVA films available for raincoat.

China EVA rain ponchos PEVA raincape for kids

Blue EVA Rain Poncho for kids

Blue EVA rain poncho for kids, PEVA raincape avialble, with printing on front side, different size of EVA rain cape for adult and children availabe.


EVA Shower Curtains and EVA table cloth, EVA table Cover

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We do EVA films oursleves, so can make Good quality eco friendly EVA materials for shower curtain, table cloth, table mats, table covers, with many different printing styles, 3D effect, Wal-mart, Target Audit shower curtain supplier, Wal-mart, Target audit table cover manufacturer.

China Blue Shower Curtain EVA shower curtain China EVA shower curtain yellow shower curtain EVA Shower Curtain/PEVA shower curtain eco friendly shower curtain transparent clear shower curtain Plastic shower curtain ring white shower curtain hooks Non PVC transparent shower curtain PVC free clear shower curtains EVA shower curtain EVA plastic shower cap for adults pink shower cap waterproof blue shower cap
EVA table cloth plastic EVA table cover wipe clean tablecloth plastic table cloths cheap plastic tablecloths white table mats and coasters EVA table mats dining table mats plastic table mats China Plastic table cover roll wholesale China PEVA table cloth PE table cover polyethylene table covers EVA clear table protector plastic clear table cover Transparent table cloth transparent table cover


PU Rainwear, Click here for more details

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Good quality PU rainwear, including adult PU rainwear, PU work wear, children PU jacket, reflective PU raincoat, should be with cotton or corduroy lining or polar fleece lining.

China PU bib overalls kids overall children overall

China PU bib overalls kids overall children overall

Good quality PU bib overalls or big size PU overalls for children

China Reflective PU raincoats PU Rain Jackets PU jacket PU mac

China Reflective PU raincoats PU Rain Jackets PU jacket PU mac

PU Relective raincoats for workers, Front zip fly PU jacket with reflective tape on front and back of body and sleeves,


PE Disposable Rainwear, Emergency Rainwears

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The Cheapest Emergency raincoat, PE Raincoat, printing disposable rain cape for promotional activity, PE Emergency rainwear for outdoor sport games, disposable rainwear for free gift of advertisement activity, Disposable raincoat for brands promotional advertisement.

China Emergency Rainwear Disposable Rainwear PE rain cape PE rain ponchos

China Red PE Rain Poncho

The cheapest promotional PE rain poncho with printing logo and brand name for advertisement and outdoor games, sport events, free gift, made 20000 pcs of emergency rain ponchos per day.

long emergency PE raincoat disposable rainwear emergency rain wear yellow rain coat lightweight

Long yellow PE Emergency Raincoat

Hooded PE raincoat, yellow color, long raincoat,Beautiful printing on back side, front side and bottom disposable raincoat for promotional activity gift, outdoor sport games.


Upon above rainwears , plastic shower curtain, table covers, and garments we made more than 20 years, we also have help our clients to source many other Promotional products, Safety products, Outdoor products as below:

Promotional Products:

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Baseball caps, sports caps, ball cap, hats, cute caps, Cheap Promotional T-shirts with printing, Sports Shirts, cam buckle straps, cam locking buckle, gift tape meausure, promotional tape measures, hot pack, cool pack, bottle cooler, bottle warmer, neck cooler, cooling neck wrap, cool bandanas, cooling scarf, cooling headband, neck cooling bandanas, eye mask, quick dry microfiber towels and fast drying superfine fiber towel for car washing, glass wipe, dry hair and so on.

Cheap promotional T shirts with printing, sports shirts Promotional BMI tape measure cloth tape measure Camouflage baseball cap with led light Black Printing Promotional T shirts branded microfiber cloth
Promotional baseball caps sport caps cute caps hats embroidery cam buckle straps cooling neck wrap, cool bandana cooling scarf, neck cooling bandanas China microfiber towels supplier



China microfiber towels supplier

hooded bath towels

Safety Products:

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Safety boots, Hi Vis Reflective safety vest, safety jacket, safety pet vest, safety apparel, safety clothing, traffic security safety vest, surveyor safety vest, safety coats reflective, breakaway safety vest, mesh vest, fluorescent safety vests, reflective jacket, reflective dog vest, reflective outwear, traffic cone, warning triangle, reflex snap wrap, Slap Wraps, reflective accessories, Reflectors, Pvc Reflective Tape, Fluorescent Yellow Safety Warning Reflective Strip, running fishing Cycling reflective strips, warning Bike Safety Bicycle Bind, Pants Band Leg Strap, bike accessories reflective tape, Soft reflecting 3D animals, Mag-Tags, Printed Hard Reflectors , reflective arm slap band, reflective delineator, reflective key chain, reflective cap, and so on.

hi vis safety life vest  Fishing Safety Jackets Watersport Vests with Whistle China reflective safety vest manufacturer Reflective safety outwear jacket clothing with Detachable sleeves rubber traffic cone
promotional reflective accessories reflectors reflex snap wrap-Slap Wraps-reflective arm slap band Pants Band Leg Strap reflective strips China bike Hard Reflectors manufacturer roadway traffic warning triangle

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